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You should generate a daily report of some important numbers (dividends, trades, current value, shares, interests, etc) of your portfolio in IB. This information can be sent to an email on a daily basis.

For my case, I have a joint account with my wife. So my wife is also getting all the reports on a daily basis.
IB is quite comprehensive. Make use of their reports to monitor and to track your portfolio.
Thanks. Indeed, their reports are too comprehensive; can't figure out which one gives me what I'm looking for.

Anyway, I'm more interested in this at the moment:
Getting EUR is rather annoying here. Is there an appropriate alternative fund with similar focus as VEUD and is all USD?

Or, any idea what I can do with EUR aside from converting it and paying that $2+ forexm
I'm currently buying a blend of CSPX, VEUD, CSPXJ, IJPA, EIMI.

Just realised that EIMI TER has gone down from 0.25% to 0.18%, so my blend of ETFs is a now a bit less expensive than VWRD which is still 0.25%.

What can I replace VEUD with? From my brief research,
- Cannot find USD fund with lower TER than VEUD's 0.12%
- If I bite the bullet and stick with an EUR fund, there are STOXX 50 and STOXX 600 based funds with TER starting from 0.05%. But this means giving up on United Kingdom

Is there anything else that I can use the EUR for? Or should I just eat the $2+ forex fees to change to USD, and buy whatever is available?

I've also realised Lyxor has launched an LCUW ETF [Lyxor Core MSCI World (DR) UCITS ETF - Acc] that might be a good replacement for IWDA or possibly even my entire blend. AUM is only 36M euro, but umbrella AUM is 21B euro. TER is 0.12%. It is however domiciled in Luxembourg, which apparently has 15% DWT from US, but has another 15% DWT to SG. But, as it is accumulating, is that 15% DWT to SG charged? Anyone knows about capital gains, estate tax or other issues with Luxembourg domiciled etfs?

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