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Any idea if tvbj cha 838 is available on the StarHub Go? Seem like a good alternative since my broadband under M1.

Introducing > Starhub Go channels website

Top left click on the Live TV which will show available Starhub Go Only channels (top-right).

Scroll down to see all the available channels streaming.

It is available in the > Starhub Go Pack

Refer > TV Series (Go Select) $9.90 /month - TVB dramas is listed among.

In fact you can start watching by sign-up to Starhub Hub iD and subscribe the pack via payment credit-card or postpaid mobile account.

Alternately download Starhub Go App to your phone to watch on-the-go.
If you have Starhub postpaid mobile line the streaming would be free data usage.

Do note that Starhub Go is available to 1 Hub iD to 1 active streaming.

More info & details on > Starhub Go - website

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