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just came back from CH Tee dental. My lower right filling is partially broken. Early this year went to Nanyang Dentist at geylang to fill the hole. Then 2-3 weeks ago the filling was partially broken. Went back to Nanyang Dentist again and the dentist asked me if there is any pain. I told him a bit pain and he said wait till completely fall off then fix.

So just did scaling and polishing at Nanyang. As time goes by the pain become worse. Thought its a simple filling procedure and can save money so I went to CH Tee. After checking and x-ray, the dentist told me must do root canal and crown treatment. I was like so shocked. Other method is to extract the teeth n replace with dentures which is more expensive.

So just now removed the old filling, drill a hole and clean it, put temporary white filling. have to come back again about 3-4 times. Total cost will be around RM1.2k - Rm2k. Just now paid Rm300. Every visit pay RM3-400. How much does a root canal n crown in SG cost?
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