Anyone ever worked as a trainee CADD engineer/operator?


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Sep 12, 2019
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Recently went for their so called interview. The AcePLP HR people are big scammers especially that guy with surname Hoo/or Foo. I didn't even apply for the position but he contacted me through phone I don't know where did they steal my data from. As the reputation of the company seems to have some problems as I have read through some of the online posts I took it quite seriously in order to not waste too much of my time since people said there will be some one two tests involved in the interview. After thorough negotiations through both emails and phone calls with this HR guy we reached a mutual agreement that if I get accepted by the conpany the lowest basic starting pay (which excludes project allowances , OT or whatsoever) will be 2.3k due to my last drawn pay was much higher than this, otherwise I wouldn't be attending the interview so it has to be cancelled and he agreed with me regarding the starting basic pay issue and invited me for the interview. But later I found out it was a complete waste of time and a scam while I was doing the test they just threw me a contract which indicated that the starting pay would be 1.6k which is even lower than typical WP foreigner workers serving in Kopitiam. After I found out I was cheated to come here I tried to find that Hr guy Hoo but his colleagues claimed that he was taking leave, then I called his multiple phone numbers to to clarify the issue I even found out that he has blocked me and all the lines couldn't get through. I have missed an important interview because of this scam, and I also suspect them for collecting personal data illgally as Singapore law states clearly that non- government organizations are not allowed to collect candidates' full NRIC numbers before the confirmation of employment, but they have recorded the full NRICs and even family backgrounds,military ranks and units of all interview candidates.And their filipino hr interviewee woman was rude af she even mocked my accent eventhough she also spoke English with accent.
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