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Jan 1, 2000
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The following explains the Warning system used in HardwareZone Forums. It automates certain process of the moderating duties while ensuring that the forum’s rules and regulations are adhered to.

These are some of the reasons (not exhaustive) that forum members may receive Warnings for:
  • Forum Nuisance (Trolling / Troublemaker / Etc.) = 3 points
  • Thread Digging or Posting Rubbish / Nuisance Comment = 3 points
  • Posting Unsolicited Comment (Commercial Solicitation / Ad / Referral / Spam) = 3 points
  • Posting Comment with Inappropriate Language / Insulted Other(s) = 6 points
  • Posting Lewd / Indecent / Pornographic Comment = 6 points
  • Posting Racist / Discriminatory Comment = 6 points
  • Copyright Infringement / Piracy = 6 points
  • Doxxing / Harassment / Intrusion of Privacy = 6 points
  • Posting Misinformation Comment (Unverified / Inaccurate / Debunked / Fake News / Conspiracies) = 6 points
  • Posting Inappropriate Comment / Content = 6 points
A Warning may or may not carry Infraction points. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, Infraction points may be given with the Warnings. When a forum member accumulates 12 infraction points he/she will be automatically banned for 3 days.

You may view your Warnings on your Profile page. No one else is able to see how many Warnings you have. If you do not see the Warning tab that means you have not received any. Infraction points expire after 12 months and is accumulative as you continue to receive more Warnings with Infraction points.

Forum members who try to circumvent the temporary ban by posting under another username or account, will be banned permanently.

Please be aware that forum members who deliberately and viciously break our rules and regulations may be permanently banned without warning.

Decisions on the execution of Warnings, infraction points, temporary or permanent bans are up to the discretion of the moderators, administrators, and HWZ team.

For reference, these are the temporary and permanent ban levels that are automatically issued for the active infraction points accumulated:

12 Points => 3 Days Temporary Ban
18 Points => 7 Days Temporary Ban
24 Points => 2 Weeks Temporary Ban
30 Points => 1 Month Temporary Ban
36 Points => Permanent Ban
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