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My wife 33 weeks now, the baby 1.5kg only.

Private doctor said better to transfer to NUH or KKH. Which one better?
1. SGH
2. Look for Prof Tan Hak Koon. The head of the O&G department.
3. Not many people know that you can deliver babies at SGH and thus the queue to see your gynae is shorter.
4. KKH is under the oversight of SGH which is a main hospital.
5. As Prof Tan told my wife and myself,if the baby is healthy,you can give birth in any hospital as it's the same.However, if you expect complications, it's better to do it in SGH as the operation theatre is just next door and there is no need for the baby to be transferred to KKH or SGH from other hospitals.
6. My 2 kids were delivered by him especially the first one whose heart beat was only half during the early ultrasounds but she is a big healthy bubbly girl now.
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