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Hi guys and ladies,
my post is current 5 and not allow to PM others. please help to share step by step to customise Media player classic. Thanks so much
Re-upping my post and hope someone can guide
1) Google K-lite codec pack

2) Download whichever versions is appropriate for you. I always go for Mega

3) Install. Make sure whatever videos or music you are playing, Media Player Classic becomes your default.

4) Now click on a video or music and once they are playing with Media Player Classic, on the bottom right, there will be red, blue and white icons.
Red represents Video
Blue represents Audio
White is for the Splitter where you choose what subtitles and audio tracks would you prefer to use as default such as Make Japanese audio track a priority and english subtitle if you watch Japanese anime. Or just leave it alone.

5) Double Click on the Blue LAV codec on the Windows taskbar.

6) Make sure expand 6.1 to 7.1 is ticked.

7) Make sure Mixing is unticked

8) Done. Click Apply and Ok.

9) If you are playing stereo content like most Youtube videos, music, make sure Playback is set to Stereo.
Again, bottom right in taskbar, right click on speaker and click on Playback devices.

10) Scroll down till you find Speakers (SXFI Amp). Then click on configuration. Make sure it is on Stereo and press Next.

11) Tick whatever you can tick to allow all the bitrate that can be sent to the Amp so that it can process as much as possible.

12) Click Next and just done. Now click on Properties and make sure under the 'Advanced' tab that 24bit, 48000Hz is selected. And make sure Spatial Surround on the Spatial tab is set to Off. Click Apply and enjoy the Stereo Immersion.

13) For 5.1 or 7.1 surround content like your DVD/ Blu-ray, pirated or Netflix app on PC, Change the playback to the appropriate output. For example, for 7.1. Click on Configure and select whichever is relevant.
Make sure they are all ticked. Click Next.
Tick some more.

16) And you are done. Make sure to again repeat Step 12 to make sure 24bit, 48000Hz is in your settings. Enjoy your experience.

17) Remember to switch the playback setup for the appropriate sources as the Amp is not really intelligent in knowing what sources it is receiving.
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