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Jan 1, 2000
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Although I like this kind of games, from the video playthrough it does seem quite boring. Mainly just going around blasting(mining) rocks?

yeah don't bother with the game. not worth $60 as everyone says. just wait for bargain bin price.


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Jan 1, 2000
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[PC] Following reports of some people experiencing issues with the game while unsupported mods are installed, we’ve added mod detection which will show a warning screen on loading when mods are detected. A mouse click or button press will dismiss this screen. We have also introduced a new method for mod installation which should prevent player’s games from breaking when a new update is released. For details please see the ‘DISABLEMODS.TXT’ file in the \GAMEDATA\PCBANKS folder.

[PC] Allowed remapping of the build menu and quick menu commands to support Azerty keyboards.

[PC] We’ve enabled a temporary workaround for the SLI issues people are experiencing. If you are running in SLI, please disable TAA and the game should run. We are looking into a more permanent solution to this issue.

Fixed an issue which, in some rare cases, prevented NPCs from giving you mission critical dialogue.

Fixed a bug which could cause core items to be transferred from exosuit inventory to starship inventory.

Fixed a number of rare crashes (if you continue to experience crashes, please send a crash report and include your crash dumps).

[PC] Fix for monitor detection on PCs with 3rd party remote desktop or screen sharing applications.

[PC] Running the game via the .exe file should no longer give Steam Init errors.

Fixed an issue where underwater buildings could spawn without doors which in rare cases would mean the NPC missions could not be completed. (Note: If you are still being pointed to missing facilities during the NPC questlines, you can either claim a new base and re-build the NPC terminal, or if you have a Freighter, remove the NPC terminal from your base and rebuild it in the Freighter. The NPC should then give you new coordinates. We are still working on a more permanent fix for this issue).


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Jan 1, 2000
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Fixed a bug that would make the player character small.
Space battles will now vary in size more and players should see bigger battles.
Fixed the instantaneous death loop that could occur in survival mode if you saved with 1 health and no hazard protection. You will still be on the verge of death when you load in, but it won’t happen instantaneously.
[PC] Fix for steam controller not being able to warp.
[PC] Removed up, down, left, right as quick menu navigation keys to allow left handed players to move while using the quick menu.
[PC] Page Up and Page down can now be used to navigate up and down in the quick menu.
Removed duplicated planets from discoveries menu.
Fixed an issue with redeeming promo ships in survival, which would result in the ship being spawned above the ground.
Fix for missing ruins underwater which could cause missions to point to nothing.
Various audio tweaks and fixes:
Added ladder climbing sounds.
Fixed base building prop sounds not playing when placed inside a Freighter.
Added sound effect for calling Freighters.
Added sound effect when using communication stations.
Fixed an issue which could affect ambient sound in Freighters.
Changed the sound effect when using the Terminus Teleporter.
Fixed some rare crashes.


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Jan 1, 2000
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Laced: How did it come about that a game development studio like Hello Games hired a rock band?

Weir: “Using 65daysofstatic was [No Man’s Sky game director and Hello Games’ Managing Director] Sean Murray’s idea. Right from the earliest stages, from when we first started talking about audio for the game, Sean didn’t want a conventional game soundtrack—he was listening to their music when the team was initially prototyping the game and the intention was always to work with them.

“The details of that—what music they were going to write, how they were going to write it, how we were going to implement it—were up to me.”


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Jan 1, 2000
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Part of the Waking Giant ARG that has been ongoing for over a month now.

Latest messages have been decoded. Things are astir.

and just like that.... and are both offline. something is definitely astir.

typing in 16 outputs:

edit: and yes this ARG is related to NMS.
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Jan 1, 2000
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Complete transmission in art form



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Jan 1, 2000
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Hello Citizen Scientists,

It’s been a year since No Man’s Sky first released, and it’s been an exciting, intense and emotional year for us at Hello Games. We have been quiet, but we have been listening intently.

We've spent that year working hard on free updates for this game our team cares about so much.

Update 1.3 will release this week and will be available for free to all No Man’s Sky players. We're calling it Atlas Rises. It focuses on improving the central story of No Man’s Sky and adds the ability to quick travel between locations using portals. Patch notes will be made available shortly before the update goes live.

What we do is much more important than what we say, but since launch we have sometimes focused too much on that.

We wanted to reach out and celebrate the devoted community that means so much to us. We launched Waking Titan to try to do that.

When we posted those cassettes we didn't know what to expect. In the last eight weeks a quarter of a million players from across the globe (174 countries, to be precise!) have come together - united by a shared love of mystery and science fiction - to form the Citizen Science Division. You’ve travelled great distances both real and virtual, undertaken complex tasks, and explored the depths of simulation theory. New friendships have been forged, and a tight-knit community has been created. Most importantly a cute hamster has a new home.

You've become part of the No Man's Sky origin story.

It's been an honour to watch, but this is just the beginning. Whether you’ve followed Waking Titan or not, we welcome anyone to sign up to the Citizen Science Division, and to join us on the official CSD forums.

Our journey continues.

Thank you for this year. We hope you enjoy what comes next.



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Jan 1, 2000
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Increased variety in weather, planet and structure names
More base building parts have unique names
Prevented trees spawning on sheer cliffs
Improved object placement on slopes
Improved grass placement and density
Changed the default starting ship model
Regenerated galaxy to remove differences between survival, normal and creative game modes
Improved building distribution
Increased distribution of heridium deposits
Improved generation of beaches along shorelines
Repositioned player bases to accommodate generation changes

Improved balance of hazards between planets
Improved settings for hazard damage and strength
Reduce cave hazard recharge times
Added Shielding Shard to the starting player inventory
Limited the depth at which buildings can spawn underwater

More tech available in tech shops
Balanced tech shop standing requirements
Standing lights have a proper name when you interact with them
Increased robustness of systems for locating buildings
Increased number and types of objects which can be scanned
Increased information available about scanned foliage and creatures
Improved planet resource lists
Craftable products now sorted by most recent use
Improved differentiation of weapons
Fixed pinning product recipes and technology guides
Continued story unlocked through abandoned buildings
Added interactions and dialogue options for many structures and characters
Overhauled secondary character interactions
Joint exploration has been introduced allowing 16 players to see visual representations of each other in game. Joint exploration does not require PS Plus, and is not currently available on GOG Galaxy.

Alloys, farm products and new gas products now form separate branches of a larger craft tree
Added new valuable higher tier craft products
Added new harvester to harvest atmospheric gases
Added new trade specific products
Added new farmable “Star Bramble” plant
Added larger 4 plant hydroponic tray
Increased contrast between picked and unpicked resource plants to more easily tell them apart
Balanced priced of alloys, farm products and gases
Improved distributions of resources on planets
Improved scan ranges for resources on planets
Added scan markers on more smaller plutonium crystals to aid resource gathering

Balanced freighter prices
Fixed collision on freighter bridge
Added freighter classes
Added ability to warp in your freighter
Fixed floating turrets on capital freighters

Improved space heavy air
Added requirement to scan planets in order to reveal their names
Improved planet name display as you enter orbit
Fix for massive carve radius when mining asteroids

Updated galactic map UI
Improved galactic map controls
Improved star names gathered in galaxy map flythrough
Improved distribution of different coloured stars
Added interstellar scan events

Added ability to summon your ship from the quick menu
Refined ship reticules
Added new holographic cockpit HUD elements: mini map, pulse drive warning and target ship
Added new ship technology
Balanced space combat
Balanced ship weapons and technology
Updated ship weapon projectile effects
Updated ship hit direction markers
Improved flare graphics on ships
Improved loot containers dropped by AI ships
Improved effects on damaged AI ships
Balanced crashed ships broken slots and repair costs
Added a more convenient swap inventory button for moving items between new/crashed ships and storage units
Updated design of Atlas pass icons
Added ability to look around the cockpit when landed
Allowed player to remain in ship cockpit after landing
Improved spawning and distribution of AI ships
Improved ship altimeter
Added in-ship communicator
Added button prompt for ship zoom
Fixed a bug where your ship could become invisible by visiting the galactic map
Improved Pirate systems including the ability to negotiate or call in support
Added low flight mode
Improved landing code

Divided options menu into several pages
Revised Journey page
New Gek, Korvax and Vy’keen medals
New medals for the merchant, mercenary and explorer guilds
Revised log page
Fixed animation on markers as they are removed
Improved binocular UI
Updated journey milestone icons
Overhauled discovery log
Added cardinal directions to compass
Added distance markers to compass
Fix for “redeem content” showing twice on Steam menu
New trade and product icons
Revised combat ship markers
Improved ship tracking arrows when flying away from targets
Overhauled conversation interface

Improved HBAO filtering around edges
Improved TAA handling of grass blade edges
Introduced depth of field effect during interactions
Added LOD meshes and imposters to various props
Fixed texturing on the buildable door
Reduced HBAO shimmer
Reduced shadow acne
Fixed artifacts with imposter shadows
Improved double-sided normals for foliage
Improved terrain texturing and texture blending
Improved grass colour blending and integration with terrain
Improved grass and leaf materials
Improved colour palettes across several biomes
Improved planet night skies
Fixed z-fighting on small glowing plants
Various graphics optimisations and fixes
Visual improvements to Atlas stations
Replaced all terrain textures with higher detail and quality variants
Added new higher detail foliage variants to several biomes
Upgraded textures on several cave props

Four new sets of soundscapes by 65 Days of Static
Reworked space combat audio
Reworked space explosions
Added new ship weapon sounds
Added weird biome soundscape
Added new music and sound effects for story mode
Lots of new UI sounds
Minor mix changes and optimisations

Various minor language fixes and improvements


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Jan 1, 2000
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Nice to see it in the top seller list again.

not going to sugar coat it. there's bugs for sure. but an experimental build is already being worked on and trialed by players.

The Waking Titan ARG was worth it and time well spent. And story is more polished - at least better hand-holding than previously.






Rest of my current NMS album here. more to come.

Also very popular on Amazon now. And I just found out patch 1.3.1 is already out on the PS4.


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Jul 26, 2016
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is this game nice? heard there was commotion that the dev lie about multiplayer and stuff and boring?


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Jan 1, 2000
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Hello Games' Innes McKendrick presents a study of the technical architecture of No Man's Sky, focusing in particular on the techniques used to generate planets and the supporting structures allowing this to happen continuously in real-time.



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Jan 1, 2000
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this considered as thread digging anyway the game dev is basically a scam . caution to stay away from this game which changed the entire gaming landscape of what game not to support or dev not to do list and also primarily for making steam doing mass refund
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