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As some of you may have waiting for my review on Yitong MoCA 2.0 (unbonded), here it goes:

The specs:

The packaging of this item isn't fanciful. But who cares, it's more important if it works.

Here are the items in the packaging, nicely laid on the floor. MoCAs 2.0 with red bubble wrap, qty 02 Coaxial cable ~40cm long each, qty 02 cat 5e cables ~60cm long each, qty 02 adapters (UK/SG plug) and a user manual

Closeup View of the product:

My Setup:

And now, here is my result on speed test. Just for your info ladies and gentlemen, I'm on Starhub Fibre 200:

It's unfair not to test its full potential, why not let it run wild Lets connect my laptop to the router and run Lan speed test:

Prior to this I'm using homeplug; my speed suffers (Drop from 115 Mbps to 60+ Mbps) when my family members turn on their electrical appliances. But for MoCA 2.0, I'm able to get smooth horizontal straight line download graph. The pings are quite consistent, maintaining between 3-4ms, which conforms to what is stated in MoCA website. (Ignore the 5ms as it pings a little high during the speed test)

Reference to the above Lan Test, the adapters can achieve download speed of 425Mbps, which exceeded the Throughput (MAC data rate) declared by the manufacturer.

Well, for now, I could say that Yitong delivers lesser speed (75Mbps off) but at a much lower price as compared to Actiontec's ECB6000. Additionally, it comes with in/out coaxial to connect in series with your TV, which Actiontec ECB6000 is lacking of.

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