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I'm not an expert but both your teeth could be rooted (drilling, filling, making the mould, temporary crown etc) for crowning during the 1st appointment; then return 2.5 weeks later for the Crowning Ceremony.
Hi all, ended up going today, reached a bit late at ard 12pm. It says lunch time but it's open and have quite a number of ppl waiting. They didn't turn me down.

A young lady doc took my x-ray and told me that confirmed I need RC followed by crowning. Total will be RM2000 (RC RM1200 + Crowning RM800) for all. I said ok. She said need to check if any doc is available. If yes, maybe can start at 2pm (lunch 12.30pm - 2pm). Then she asked a young male doc who said ok to start then itself.

About 12.45pm when he started. He did cleaning and give me the temporary filling BUT the filling was to high. I didn't immediately notice. He only asked me to test bite once (The sg doc that did filling for me on Monday asked me to try biting down 3 times). Once that one test bite is done, the process is done. I then notice that the lights for that level 2 and level 1 were already switched off. No one except the recept and 2 staff (maybe docs) who were waiting for this doc to join them. As soon as he came down, they went for lunch. The receipt didn't go.

Problem is, the filling is too high. Now, it's uncomfortable to eat coz when I use the other side to chew food, this RC side would bite down and touch the lower tooth while I chew. So I can't chew properly. ☹ My next appt is next Monday. So got to bear with it till then. He said I must come for total 5 times. Even the recept was surprised why I had 5 instead of 4 sessions. I think coz session 1 he split into 2 sessions. 😔 How I wished he had offered to do after lunch or make appt. Haiz.

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