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how much is the polishing & scaling?
Updated: 05Oct2019

June 2018: I did
a) polishing & scaling (RM100)
b) X-ray (RM30)

July 2017: I did
a) a front tooth filling with X-ray (RM130)
b) polishing & scaling (RM100)

Later in the month, I did a Crown for RM800 (porcelain fused to metal). I was very pleased with this Crown, as the SG dentist wanted to replace the tooth with an implant - that was going to cost me a few thousand SGD. This JB dentist wasn't convince I should replace it with an implant & proceeded to save & Crown it.

Implant RM6500*
Crowning RM800
Root canal RM800
Laser Teeth Whitening: RM 1500
Manual Whitening** : RM 500
Scaling & Polishing: RM 100

* depends on make & type, & MYR performance (make & type may refers to Korean or Germany make for example)

** mould, chemical provided.
How much the teeth get Whitenned isn't guaranteed (laser or manual).

Updated: 05Oct2019

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