Why am I suddenly shown insufficient privileges to post?


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If you find yourself reported by the forums of insufficient privileges and you notice the following in your previous posts:

Your email is indicated as inactive.
Pls update your email now.

it means your account has been set to 'Awaiting Email Confirmation'. In this stage, you will not be able to perform most of the forums functions until you change your email address. Upon the update of email address, the system will send a verification email to the new email address. Once the instructions in the verification email are acted upon, the account will revert back to original status.

Why would my account suddenly change to 'Awaiting Email Confirmation'?
We have implemented a feature where we will monitor your email address in your account profile. When we detect your email address is no longer valid, we will initiate the status change to 'Awaiting Email Confirmation'. This way, it will be a reminder to you to update your email address.

We do recommend everyone to keep their email address updated so that you do not need to repeat this verification process every now and then.

Important Forum Advisory Note
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Please refer to our Community Guidelines and Standards, Terms of Service and Member T&Cs for more information.